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Extended information on cookies

In accordance with regulatory requirements, this policy provides for information on the management of cookies on the website
The Privacy Policy can be viewed at this link:

Cookies (hereinafter “cookie”) are small files that are stored on your device while browsing when you visit our website.
They collect information on your visit of the website,they can be used for a variety of purposesand can be retransmitted or reused on subsequent surfing.
Cookies have different features and are used for different purposes, provided by the website being visited and from other domains (third party cookie) because our website integrates web tools provided by third parties.
There are other technologies such as pixel tags, web bugs, web storage and other files and similar technologies that can perform the same functions as cookies. In the present Cookie Policy, the term "cookie" is also used for all these technologies.

Session Cookie
“Session” cookies are held in memory and only exist during your visit to our website.

Persistent cookie
“Persistent” cookies are stored on your device until they expire and can therefore be used by our website on your subsequent visits. All persistent cookies have a "lifetime" for how long the cookie will remain active on your device.

Technical or functional cookies
Technical or functional cookies are used for surfing and using the website; they are used to ensure the correct operation of the site or to manage certain functions of provision of the site according to the choices of the user. They are necessary and their deactivation may mean the loss of functionality of the site or the impossibility of browsing it correctly. These cookies can be session or persistent, first-party or directly deposited cookies from our website or domain but also from third parties, managed by other websites or different domains which our site interacts with.
You do not need the visitor's consent for this type of cookie.

Analytical cookies
On the site we do not use our own- or third-party analytical cookies.

Third parties cookies for tracking and profiling
On the website we do not use other cookies aiming at tracking or profiling the visitor.

Cookies used on the website
The tables list the cookies used on the site and are divided by type/category.

Cookies consent - acceptance or rejection of cookies
When accessing thiswebsite there is a Cookie Banner with a short information with the link to this Cookie Policy, to inform the visitor about the cookies used and, if necessary, allow the user to reject cookies or to accept them selectively, according to preference: consent and preference are recorded with a "technical cookie" saved in the user's device.
The following information is provided to the user to manage the use of cookies and to change the browser settings through the following possible solutions, they are exemplary and there are also others:
  • Change the browser settings, which allow or does not allow the storage of cookies, and which normally also allow you to set the rules of cookies so that those of "third parties" are not accepted. Some also allow you to block the cookies of some third parties and not of others, through a function allowing you to specify from which domains to allow the cookies forwarding.
  • With specific software components added to the browser (so-called plug-ins), which make the functions commonly made available by navigation software more suitable and which can be configured by the user to select cookies based on the domains of origin.
  • Through the so-called "do not track", which allows the user to specify on each site visited his/her willingness to be tracked or not during surfing. However, this technical mode is not standardized and there is no certainty that this functionality is implemented on all the domains that have cookies on the website and which, belonging to third parties, the Owner does not control.
It should be noted that the blocking of cookies could compromise the full functionality of the website and could prevent its correct use. By default, unnecessary cookies are disabled.

Changes to this policy
The present policy governs the personal data processing through cookies. The possible approval of new regulations in the sector, as well as the constant analysis and update of the services provided through the site, could lead to the need to change these methods. It is possible that the present policy is modified in time and therefore the visitor is invited to periodically refer to the present page: for this purpose, the policy document highlights the updating date.

Revision: Oct 2022